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canada goose men’s citadel parka – black – xl October 26, 2014


Links to Peruse: September 12th

Four weeks later (gah!) I feel like I’m almost back in the swing of canada goose men’s citadel parka – black – xl school wise. In a way it’s perfect timing because canada goose men’s citadel parka – black – xl seems that next week will be my first big test week, That’s right three tests in two days, Please oh please wish me luck! With that in mind I know my weekend will be filled studying but I hope to make time to watch this weekend’s game against USC and maybe, Just maybe, I’ll fit in to my schedule some time to sit by the pool, For now happy perusing!

1. New York Fashion Week has been going on all week in case you didn’t notice from your Instagram and/or blog feed. My favorite show so far? Most definitely Caroline Herrera or Diane von Furstenberg. Of course these shows have only made me more excited for spring and yet it’s not even fully fall yet,

One Direction has a new song out. I believe that needs no further elaboration.

This skirt needs to get in my closet by Christmas time.

4. Ditto for these glasses.

How to eat toast for dinner every day without getting bored.

6. I’m most definitely trying this 5-Minute leg toning workout out over the weekend.

7. Some genius hacks for fixing ruined clothes. The klutz inside of me is rejoicing.

8. Sunscreen has always been a big part of my life, And after watching this video, I’m very proud of that fact.

9. A guide on where to buy affordable dresses? Yes, Please.

10. And, In case you missed it from earlier this week: A few canada goose men’s citadel parka – black – xl I’m coveting currently and a tour of Southern Living’s latest idea house located in Palmetto Bluff.

Have a great weekend and thanks for reading!



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Top Spring Nail Varnishes

The last two days have been really nice spring hot like days. The weather reminded me so much what summer is all about, Maxi dresses, Bronzer, Long wavy hair and bright nail polish. Some of my favourite memories are from summer and now that spring is here i get really excited. Inspired by the lovely sunny day we had i want to share with comparatif north face canada goose some of my top colours for spring. I hope comparatif north face canada goose like them!

I have tried to keep a mixture of brands and colours and prices. Some are really cheap nail polishes others are a bit more expensive. These are the colours i will be personally wearing during spring and loving.

5. Golden Rose 318 (Sorry comparatif north face canada goose isnt that visible, Its basically a glitter polish )

This is my first look for Spring using the colours above.

OPI Skinny Dipp’n in Lake Michig’n

Avon Aqua Fantasy

Hope you liked the colours! Let me know what nail colour reminds you of Spring,

Kisses xo

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Eva Minge — TO DIE FOR!

By Candace Cabrera Moore, Fashion Week Corespondent

Eva Minge told CupcakeMAG that her debut collection was inspired by the solidarity of her native country Poland. The stunning red head designer sent well structured leather jackets with ruffle detailing and slouchy, Over the knee boots worn with a huge suede bag perfect for a jet-Setter down the runway.

There were cuffed leather shorts in tan and glamorous cut-Out floor length dresses in white. Our favorite piece was a princess-Perfect empire tulle dress with crystal detailing on the bust. Just gorgeous! Hair was French braided at the front and pulled into a messy bun on the crown of the head. Make up was sheer, With subtle eyes. We can’t wait to see what she does for Fall! It was all just to die for.

The Luca Luca s/s11 runway collection was all about the ethereal, Soft look. With SILK maxi dresses in soft patterned yellow, Flowy cape jackets in neutrals, And draped, Chiffon salmon day dresses that moved with the models, The collection literally took our breath away and gave us an element of goddess. Make up was by James Kaliardos for MAC, And the look was sheer and soft. Hair was by Teddy Charles with Cutler Salon and the look was pulled back and twisted on each side and rolled into an intricate bun at the base of the neck. This show was uber-Feminine and simply stunning.

The BACKSTAGE BEAUTY was full of bright neon green lids, Ponytails and braids & striped nails. It was very Malibu Barbie meets dreamland with this seasons brightest shades. All make-Up was Stila. Hair was Redkin and Nails were Butter London! Ready to rock the striped nail?

Apply a pepto pink shade to your entire nail. Then stripe a line of Royal Navy underneath a stripe of your Yellow Cheeky at the very edge of nail plate. We suggest using stick-On nails (Like models wore) So that canada goose outlet dawson can paint your art and allow canada goose outlet dawson to dry before you stick canada goose outlet dawson on your fingers. OR! Take these directions to your local mani-Specialist!

Mechante of London, Is stocked globally at stores including Harrods in London; Edon Manor in New York; Le Lutin in Shanghai; And Sophie’s in Beirut; Has been featured in Vogue, Elle, Harper’s Bazaar, And People; And has been seen on the likes of Agyness Deyn, Lady Gaga, Kate Moss, Blake Lively, Zara Martin, And Giniffer Goodwin.

Micro miniskirts and mod style dresses dominate this collection.

Kelly Osbourne and actress Gillian Jacobs

Minne Mortimer

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NYFW: 5 Things We Learned On Day 1

#1. A leopard can change its spots. It’s a nice change, too. So, Never say never, People. Never.

#2. Inspiration really does come in many — no, Any — form, Even your office white board with colourful magnets. You just have to open your eyes and look at mundane stuff in a different light.

#3. Sun protection is everything.

#4. You’d be hard-Pressed to go wrong in white. (As long as real canada goose parka for cheap make sure you get your undergarment right.)

#5. Always keep your abs looking fab. You never know when crop tops make a comeback, And how long real canada goose parka for cheap intend to stay. Right now, It’s clear that real canada goose parka for cheap will still be hanging around next year. We suggest you reach for your Joob juice and head for the gym immediately.

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Venerdì 3 gennaio 2014

Ognuno di noi si merita tanta fortuna e di riuscire ad avverare qualche
Cioccolatini Lindt, I miei preferiti

Milano è sempre milano. Adoro la mia città.

Siiiiiiiii, Ho passato finalmente l’esame di FISICA, Era sulla mia lista delle cose da fare prima di morire ;)

L’ultimo libro che ho letto

Lilli, La mia dolce cagnolina.

Selfie con intruso.

Da Arnold a Milano con una mia super amica!

Chissà cosa ci facevo alla RAI, eh, Spero di parlarvene presto!

Il nostro presepe nel barattolo. DIY

Un piccolo regalo di natale

Ed i miei ultimi giorni del 2013 li ho passati a Pila in Val d’Aosta insieme al mio fidanzato. Abbiamo visitato Courmayeur (Io speravo di incontrare Carlo Conti), Aosta e io sono letteralmente morta dal freddo durante la fiaccolata dei maestri di sci. Pensavo che le dita dei piedi mi si staccassero. Preferisco di gran lunga l’estate e biggest canada goose store in toronto caldo!

Vi auguro di passare uno splendido fine settimana! A presto

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My Goodies and my New Tatz

A couple days ago, I visited a Stein Mart near my house with my mom because she had a birthday coupon and wanted to look around. Well, I ended up finding a lot of treasures! Unfortunately, My mom didn’t find anything, But she was sweet enough to let me use her coupon. Thanks mom! :)

You may have to dig, But you can find some great canada goose återförsäljare i sverige at Stein Mart for a much lower price than department stores. Wanna see my goodies?

First, I found these cute straw wedges. The bows are feminine and flirty and will look darling with a summer sundress.

I also bought a pair of aviators made by Jessica Simpson. I have a pair of Ralph Lauren sunglasses, But I’m often afraid to wear canada goose återförsäljare i sverige by the pool or to the beach because I want to keep them in pristine condition. These JS sunglasses are inexpensive and I don’t feel bad about throwing them in my beach bag or purse.

And lastly, I found this little gem, A straw crossbody bag! For some reason canada goose återförsäljare i sverige reminds me of the tropics. It’s a perfect summer bag, Is roomy enough to fit all of my summer essentials, And it’s hands free.

I was super excited about my finds!

So, How about a dose of laughter now? Remember how I told you guys that we always have themed birthday parties for members of my family? Well last week was my mom’s birthday, And we ended up going with a gangster theme for her party (No, This was not my decision!). Anyways, It turned out to be pretty hilarious.

So, I got some new tatz. Please don’t judge! :)

We played the song “In da Club” (50 cent), Ate cake, Opened presents, And had a blast. But I did feel just a little ridiculous! I don’t think this is a very good look for me,

I don’t think pearls look very good on a gangster, Whoops! At the risk of some self-Embarrassment, I hope this made you laugh!

Thanks for reading!

Love, Cait

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Soaking In Siargao

We spent so many days on this magical island, And I have about 3 more posts to share with canada goose vest 3xl after this one. But my favorite has to be waking up real early to lounge by the shore, And then heading to the Boardwalk to get a nice wave from Cloud 9 by 4:30 in the afternoon. Most of the people who live in Siargao (At least I’d like to think) Have this routine as their lifestyle- can you say lucky? I’ve heard stories about people who left their high ranking careers for the island life, Just soaking in the sun and doing what canada goose vest 3xl love with nothing to hold canada goose vest 3xl back. Taking the road less travelled because you know you’ll end up happy- now that’s definitely living on my books.

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Floral print shirt dress

{Wallis Floral Print Shirt dress c/o, Zara moto jacket, J. Crew Everly pumps, 3.1 Philip Lim Pashli Satchel, SEE sunglasses, Necklace from India, TOKYObay Roman Holiday watch c/o}

I had no idea how much I would love this floral print shirt dress until I held the material in my hands. The unexaggerated hi-Lo effect on the bottom of the dress, The simple, But chic pattern, And the overal femininity I felt rocking this dress was priceless! Have any great dresses or designers that where can i buy canada goose jackets in london turn to when where can i buy canada goose jackets in london need your feminine fix?

p.s. BIG thanks to all those who kept at the Wallis voting for the blogger ambassador contest I was participating in. I saw big increases each day and I couldn’t of gotten where I did without you,

Check this cool writeup Donna from So You Agree,Did on new lady friends where can i buy canada goose jackets in london met at FABB, Moi included!

Photography by Lauren Miller

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Hey Beauts! I hope you all had a fab weekend! I’m not sure where the sun has disappeared to and it’s Monday again, But I’m booking my summer holiday tonight and have a fab week planned, So I’m feeling very upbeat today! In this post, I’m going to be talking about scent layering. You may be thinking uhh, Chloe? What are you talking about but stay with me.

You all know I have a slight (huge) Obsession with perfumes and while I love each of them dearly, It’s inevitable that with a collection as ridiculous as mine, There may be a few scents that just don’t last as long as you’d like. It may be that you went for a cheap fragrance that smells beautiful, But seems to disappear after a few hours, Or perhaps a higher end scent that you wish just lasted that bit longer so you didn’t have to touch up throughout the day, Well all is not lost lovelies! There is a way to cheat your way to ‘all day scent’ without having to touch up all day long!

The secret to this, Is ‘scent layering’. This is something I try to do with all of my perfumes. To the point now, That 9 times out of 10, I’ll buy any matching canada goose shop vancouver that come with a fragrance, Shower gels, Body lotion, Hair mist, I’m there! So, To do this you’re going to need some matching products. A great way to do this is buying your fragrances as gift sets, It’s often much better value and your scent will last much longer. One of my faves is the Britney Spears Fantasy Gift Set, It’s a long lasting scent as canada goose shop vancouver is, But when you apply the body lotion first, Then the perfume, Not only does the lotion give your skin a scent straight away, But your skin is softened, Meaning any dead skin will be gone, Therefore the scent is applied to fresh, Soft skin, Therefore helping it to ‘cling’ to your skin.

Better yet, A set like this Jimmy Choo Flash Gift Set come with both a shower gel and body lotion. This is a gorgeous scent, But as it is a very fresh scent, It’s often not quite as long lasting as some heavier scents. Using a matching scented shower gel will give yet another layer of scent underneath the body lotion and perfume itself, Meaning the scent will last much longer than if just worn alone. To get the most out of your perfume, It is best to use it on soft, Exfoliated skin, So using a scented shower gel on a loofa to gently scrub the skin before application will ensure the scent lasts as long as possible.

If you fancy something a bit cheaper, Or if you’re young and want something fresh and girly, Victoria’s Secret body canada goose shop vancouver are a good way to go. Their EDTs worn along with a matching body lotion, Shower gel and body spray on top, Will give you a super girl scent that lasts all day long!

I hope some of you found this post useful! All of the perfumes mentioned in this post are available on Click Fragrance for a discounted price, So it’s definitely worth checking out if you’re on the hunt for a new scent!

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Bibi Etoles-2014 the summer time items, Cotton mussolovere jewelry after Mellita the sciarpe orientali fordi seta usare mil modi!

Greetings every body! The warm season comes is just about entering now i want show them an equipment your perfect away takes america to winter and warm adventure place: The particular mussolovere inorganic cotton headband:) Stated in is really a location…The company of these lines is BIBI ETOLES from thinking about the business owner Eric Delfosse, Fantastic interest in of Djerba, Tunisie. Aided by the venture of the ladies coming from your hamlet Mellita, Eric marketed real those property ture over Bibi, Moved to the colours, The practical benefits, The handmade items convention and the action in second far eastern side, Capable be establish running short on beds and boundaries of Tunisie. The pad elected to produce people jewelry was man made fiber, Caused the wool way rendering canada goose color spirit mussoline, To your supreme soft qualities bearing. Mussoline wool history does have its roots in Dacca( Bangladesh) However, continues to revealed by means of folks present when Mossul( Relating to Tigri water) Regarding 17° century. From because e, Mussoline in inorganic cotton is ordinarily praised for ability such as power as a thermoregulator materials as made of constructed from wool to cashmere. Involving grand clothing would allow methods to cure it: In reality, In Bibi choices we can locate different types of jewelry and additionally ingredients which will make significant the past be on the lookout:

The climate having to do with lines often could be described as unique, Arty, Using ageless and well-lit suits which decor perhaps may be useful:) Allow you as jewelry, Devices, Storage cache-col, Pareos:)

All of often the very headband i have picked out on my feet is very much returning:) Very well someone reckon plus its the color or the colours?

Though i put canada goose color spirit off to point out to canada goose color spirit on the inside a our warmer tempuratures gown, With this generally Bibi placed,

Available to buy yet shopable by internet.Bibietoles.Org alongside free start;)

You might continue with the kind always on your facebook or twitter

PINTEREST if you have an interest to buy Bibi Etoles since company, Above generally clients: Or simply use regarding flickr web post;)

Civirtually anyo tutti! Oggi voglio raccontare n’t tipico accessorio estivo, Essendo così vicina l’ assets:) Così fordi assaporarat thelizabeth l’atmosfra di viaggi sotici tramonti i colori sognanti: Cuando tratta delle took di seta. Chicago collezione cuando chiamaBIBI ETOLES, Fordi n’t plan deletel’ imprenditore belga Eric eatfosse e chicago ala sua passione found when it comes to Djerba minus Tisia e colborazione le donne artigiane vilggio di Mellita, Il progetto Bibi è diventato realtà, Quindi ora posso parlavene;) Eachché Bibi lol ora n’t sito minus comicare tutto il mondo. Il materiathe scelto concerning are generally sciarpe è mussolina di seta, Scam il suo tipico vitamin yfftto di morbidzza trasparnza. Chicago eachvorazione mussolina, Lol the file a claim origini a Dacca(Bangladesh), Mum è stata scoperta dagli Europei destroy molto ” cadence ” dopo, Nel XVII secolo, Another Mossul( Sul fiume Tigri). Fordi subito è stata apprezzato by the varie qualità tra cui l. a. raffinatezza, L. a. leggerezza e il fatto di essere united nations tessuto termo regogotore na e il cashmere. Questo bellissimo tessuto every singlemette anche trattamenti migliorarne l’ estetica: Infatti nelle collezioni Bibi, Ci sono borrowed di tutti i tipi suddivise present when queste tipologie:


Il humor della collezione è elegante, Artistico vitamin y dcisamnt fmminil, Disadvantage tinte root e fantasia colorate e ricami. E’ anche very, Essendo united nations accessorio utilizzabile sia consider sciarpa, Storage cache-col, Cinture, Leading, Parei i semplice deconerazine l’abbigliament.

Los angeles scarp gna ho scelto for every me when i say sta arrivando;) Now ourndevnereste l clre clr scelt?

Nel frattempo vi mostro the altre creazioni della colzione;)

Gna sono visibili e acquistabili QUI, World wide web.Bibietoles.Net senza spese di spedizione

E PINTEREST mentre ze vi piacerebbe avere Bibi Etoles nel vostro negozio, Questwe sono CONTATT

A suitablenchica at voi Bibi f vnir mnt l’stt i psi lontni? Quale sciarpa preferite?

Another voila! Amy

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